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General Anesthesia in Rockville, MD

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Dental anxiety is a very real concern for many patients. Sadly, it has blocked many from seeking the dental treatment they need. This can result in the condition getting worse and the necessary procedure becoming more complex and very often as an emergency.

To help relieve any stress and anxiety, general anesthesia can help.

If you have a pressing dental issue that needs to be addressed, but anxiety and fear are preventing you from going forward with it, then this may be a great option for you. You will wake up to having everything taken care of!

Frequently Asked Questions About General Anesthesia

Is general anesthesia safe in a dentist office?

Yes. General anesthesia is very safe when administered by an experienced dental team. You will be unconscious during the procedure, but your heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing are constantly being monitored. We use standard of care monitoring to keep track of you at all times while asleep. 

Dr. Sreeni trained in anesthesia at Mount Sinai Hospital(1993) in NY prior to his Oral Surgery training. Please address any questions you may have at the consultation appointment.

Does dental general anesthesia require intubation?

No. General anesthesia used in dental offices does not require that you be intubated. Anesthesia (Laughing gas) is provided first via a disposable nasal mask and the main anesthesia is via an intravenous line that gently make you fall asleep and also keeps you asleep while we are working in your mouth to make you more healthier.

Are there any side effects to general anesthesia?

Yes, there are side effects, but they will vary from patient to patient. The most common one is sleepiness and being forgetful. Occasionally there is a possibility for nausea but this is most often due to narcotics rather than the anesthetic medication. And some people may not experience any side effects at all and wake up surprised that the procedure is done.

Will I need someone to drive me home after my procedure?

If you are having a dental procedure done using general anesthesia, then yes, you will want someone to drive you home afterwards. You never know what side effects you may experience, if any. And, it is not uncommon to feel like you are still in a slight hazy twilight for a couple hours following the procedure.