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“My name is Priscilla Irizarry, I started working for OMFS MD, P.A. in July 2004. I was hired after relocating from Florida and at the time I lived in Warrenton, Virginia and commuted for the 1st year of employment. Being on the road every day for a minimum of 5 hours didn’t seem very important once I had the opportunity to meet and realize how great our patients, referring doctors and staff are. Working for Dr. Sreenivasan gave me the opportunity to grow, mature and find a family based office who treats their patients with respect and has a uniqueness like no other office. Not a day would go by when I didn’t receive a compliment on myself, doctor or how great, caring and attentive my staff were. Everyone who visited us commented on our professionalism, our attention to detail and our willingness  to always go above and beyond in caring for them. The office staff is a reflection of the type of service and quality care you will receive at OMFS MD, P.A.

Dr. Sreenivasan, is caring, gentle and always puts patients before money or anything else. He always makes sure you will get the best care, treatment and makes you well aware of all the options you have to facilitate your decision making. I worked there for 5 years and one of the hardest decisions was for me to leave and move towards a different career path. Dr. Sreenivasan not only made me feel comfortable with my decision to move forward but was very supportive and happy for me which made it much easier. Though I no longer work there, Dr. Sreenivasan and his family have been a very important positive role in my life, they have always supported me in my decisions and continue to do so.  I love this office and have recommended everyone including my own mother to come from Florida and receive treatment here, I have also been a patient and have had great results with my dental implants. The quality of care you receive from Dr. Sreenivasan is truly the best I can recommend, he is a warm caring soul with a heart of gold that’s treats everyone the same no matter who you are. Choosing this office for all your surgical needs is a best decision one can make, being assured that you are going to a honest, caring and great office, that caters to everyone from children to older adults.”

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