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How Much Does Bone Grafting Cost In Rockville, MD?

August 22, 2021
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The jaw bone is a vital part of your oral health. When you lose teeth, it is quite common for the bone to crumble where that tooth once was. And, unfortunately, it reduces the strength of the jaw. To help restore the bone, dentists use a bone grafting procedure that has been very successful. 

Bone grafting most commonly uses either cadaver bone or synthetic bone to be fused with the existing bone in the jaw. Healing together, they create a new bone formation that is sturdy enough to handle surgical dental procedures. 

Reasons Bone Grafting May Be Necessary

There are many reasons why someone may require bone grafting. For instance, anyone seeking dental procedures that impact the jaw bone will require its strength. Though bone grafting is also sought due to tooth loss, gum disease, bone loss, and the need for dental implants. 

Missing teeth can result in bone loss. In order to get an implant to replace that tooth, you need to have a strong bone structure. Even without an implant, bone loss can begin to affect surrounding teeth and lead to more dental issues in the future. 

Bone loss also impacts gum tissue, resulting in gum disease. This can cause tooth loss and even lead to heart disease if not addressed. 

Cost of Bone Grafting in Rockville, MD

The cost of bone grafting in Rockville, MD is going to vary due to the procedure, the type of bone graft used, and other various dental fees. For a simple dental bone graft,  such as one that uses synthetic bone or cadaver bone, the cost typically ranges anywhere from $300.00 to $800.00 per tooth area. 

For those seeking to use their own bone for grafting, the cost is much greater. This will result in a surgical procedure at the hospital and can cost anywhere from $2,500.00 on up. 

If you are in need of a bone graft, your dentist will provide you with a breakdown of costs in your treatment plan so that you will know exactly how much you are expected to pay. 

Is Bone Grafting Worth the Money? 

Your jawbone plays a very important part in your oral health and your overall health. Whether you choose to get implants, dentures, or a bridge now - or later - is going to depend on the strength of your jaw bone. Even if you don’t ever see yourself moving forward with any of these procedures, you still need to protect the strength of your bone so that it doesn’t impact the health of the rest of your mouth. 

So, is bone grafting worth the money? Absolutely. 

Learn More About Bone Grafting at Dental Implant Center of Rockville

Restoring your oral health by replacing lost teeth with dental implants can be life-changing. But it all starts with a bone graft to secure the integrity of the jaw bone. Whether you are in need of bone grafting or you have questions about the procedure, contact the Dental Implant Center of Rockville at 301-294-8700. Or, schedule an appointment online. 

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