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Wisdom Teeth Removal in Rockville

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A wisdom tooth that is deemed problematic is normally extracted to avoid any oral complications. To have a wisdom tooth removed, a small incision is made to open up the gum tissue over the tooth and remove any bone that is covering the tooth. Once the tooth is in view, it is gently grasped with a dental instrument, known as a forcep, and gently rocked back and forth to loosen it from the jaw bone and surrounding ligaments. Sometimes the tooth may need to be cut into smaller pieces to make it easier or removal. Stitches may be necessary after the removal of a wisdom tooth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wisdom Teeth Removal

Can an impacted wisdom tooth kill you?

While an impacted wisdom tooth itself cannot kill you, if your wisdom tooth or the tissue surrounding it becomes infected, this infection can easily travel to other parts of the body or enter the bloodstream. Any untreated infection can be fatal.

Are you awake for wisdom teeth removal?

If your wisdom teeth are impacted, it’s often a good idea to use sedation or opt for general anesthesia during the extraction procedure. While local anesthetic injections will ensure that you do not experience any pain, it can still be an uncomfortable experience for patients even without the pain simply because of the sounds of the drill or the separation of the bone from the tooth with Osteotomes. All of this creates more anxiety. If this describes you, let us know prior to your surgery and we can arrange for IV sedation or general anesthesia. IV sedation is not the same as general anesthesia, as you are conscious, but you will feel as if you are sleeping and you will have no memory of the procedure. If you opt for general anesthesia, you will be completely asleep. Most healthy patients opt for general anesthesia as recovery is faster with general anesthesia. 

How long does it take for impacted wisdom teeth to heal?

Recovering from your oral surgery will take a week or two depending on your age as well a level of impaction, but your gums and jaw may take a few months to completely heal.

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